Sistema NB concerts for seniors to celebrate Intergenerational Day
Monday, May 29, 2023
Sistema NB concerts for seniors to celebrate Intergenerational Day

Moncton, N.B. May 29, 2023:  Orchestral music’s ability to show “great art is for everyone” will help bridge generational gaps on May 31 when young Sistema NB musicians incorporate the MUSIC CARE program into their repertoire at senior’s residences across New Brunswick.

The MUSIC CARE initiative, a program provided by the Room 217 Foundation, aims to change the culture of care by making music a more primary approach to health and well-being.

“Sistema NB started doing intergenerational performances two years ago. We were looking at how we can make it more meaningful for the audience but also for the students, creating memorable and powerful moments,” said Jonathan Astley, Sistema NB Moncton Centre director.

Sistema NB will play four performances in Moncton, and other concerts in Tracadie, Richibuto and Saint John for residents of senior care homes for Intergenerational Day. In addition to Sistema NB concerts, the Moncton Youth Orchestra, the City of Moncton and Moncton Lions Club are organizing a senior games night. Young musicians will perform a concert and remain to play games with area seniors.

Sistema NB aims to make orchestra music achievable for thousands of New Brunswick students, using joy, motivation, discipline and teamwork to build confidence and self-esteem. The Room 217 Foundation’s workshops helped musicians and instructors create programming that better meets the needs of a variety of senior care residents in the community.

“The benefits of music have long been researched to provide better care outcomes, to make the care experience better and to impact quality of life for everyone,” said Dawn Ellis-Mobbs, education manager for Room 217. “Music is very healing and deepens relationships…. Music can be a vehicle to bring together seniors with youth for a positive outcome.”

The MUSIC CARE training ensures concerts are targeting the audience.

MUSIC CARE helps develop a sense of compassion and empathy… Music can engage our brains, and when we do that, through music listening or participating, we are igniting the brain and have an impact on memory for the listener,” Ellis-Mobbs said.

Astley said musicians want listeners to forge a lasting impression.

“It’s incredible that we have these young musicians who are so proud of what they do. Can they use that experience to start reaching out to audience members, while audience members are encouraged to be as active as they can in the performance?”

“Our goal is intentional, to create an impact with the audience and the students.”


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