Previous Tours

  • The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday with year-long activities including commissions in music, writing and art, public performances and educational outreach.  Our objectives were to recognize and promote exceptional Canadians, provide Canadians with opportunities to actively participate and celebrate together and proudly and publically wave the flag for Canada.

    In total, NBYO Canada 150 celebration events engaged almost 20,000 Canadians.  

  • To mark the 100th anniversary of Canada’s entry into the First World War in 1914, the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra embarked on a journey of remembrance through music and reflection.

    Keeping Faith is the theme for this commemoration tour, with special 2014-2015 performances in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, throughout New Brunswick and in our nation’s capital, for the official opening of the Canadian War Museum’s new permanent exhibition, The Home Front, 1917.

  • The 2011 SCL International Youth Music Festival

    NBYO members, staff, and chaperones traveled to Austria from June 28th to July 9th, 2011 to perform and compete in the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival. Concerts were performed in Salzburg, Vienna, Poetsching, and Berndorf. Two NBYO performances were given at the magnificent Wiener Musikverein Vienna--Golden Hall, reputed to be one of the three best concert halls in the world. The Festival jury praised NBYO in the competition, awarding the orchestra "1st place in the category Symphony Orchestra with outstanding succes". Under the brilliant direction of Conducor Antonio Delgado, NBYO performed Conga del Fuego Nuevo by the Mexican composer Arturo Márquez at the Gala Winners Concert and received the first standing ovation in the history of the SCL Festival.


  • The 2007 Forbidden City Tour - China

    In Beijing, China, New Brunswick’s young musicians had the opportunity to study and learn from world-class clinicians, and to perform at the Great Hall of the People, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Canadian International School as well as at the Arts Centre of Hebei Province.

  • The Virtuoso Italia Story

    In July 2005, the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra was invited to Parma, Italy to study, perform and record a world premiere composition. Virtuoso Italia 2005 presented a unique opportunity to contribute to the musical development of the members, an occasion to showcase, on an international stage, the talent of New Brunswick’s finest young musicians.

  • The Carnegie Hall Story

    You don't just go and perform at Carnegie Hall. First of all you have to be recommended. And then you audition. And at the end of the rainbow (perhaps) you may be invited to play. No one today can quite re-trace who it was that first recommended the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra. But somebody did, and Carnegie Hall followed up on it. NBYO conductor Dr. James Mark admits he was a bit skeptical when that first enquiring call from Carnegie came. Could this be for real? It was indeed. Real, and more than a little bit breathtaking.